Don’t Worry About the Scale—Use the Mirror

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Have you ever stood on the scale and felt your heart sink because you’ve gained weight? Many people allow how they feel about themselves to be determined by the scale but in many cases your weight isn’t a good indicator of your progress. There’s no need to measure your weight any more than once a week and if that’s hard for you, get rid of the scale.

Your Weight Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

If you are working out, eating healthy food and find that you are putting on weight, congratulations! You have likely gained muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so your weight might go up.

What about BMI?

BMI isn’t the best tool to measure your progress. BMI uses your height and weight to estimate the amount of body fat that you have. It is a general guideline but it doesn’t work for everybody.

For example, if a person works out and is muscular, they are going to weigh more than someone of the same height who is sedentary. However, BMI may say that the muscular person is overweight (or even obese!), even if they are strong, look great in the mirror, and feel great. This also goes for someone who has a large-sized frame. BMI will likely overestimate the amount of fat that they have.

If you are big on measurements and numbers, here’s what to try instead.

  1. Waist size

Measure your natural waistline, which is above your hipbones and below your rib cage close to your belly button. Go ahead and suck your stomach in!

  1. Waist to height ratio

The goal is for your waist circumference to be less than half of your height.

If you are working out for the #fitflyx challenge, try taking these measurements before you start and after you finish the 30 day challenge to see if they have changed.

Pay attention to what you see in the mirror. Do you see more muscles and less flabbiness? Do you have more energy and feel better? These are great signs that you are going in the right direction and making progress. Your weight is just a number—it doesn’t tell the whole story!

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